Katie Handley is a London based comic artist, comedian and illustrator. Her work has been published in CBK comics anthology and has been shown at Somerset House. Katie studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and has self published three comics; Nigel Donnington and the Cat Cafe Anarchists, Cryptofox and Steak. She makes comics for both adults and children.
Katie grew up in a tiny village in the Lancashire countryside and takes much of her inspiration from this area. Often her work focuses on themes of power and the comedic attempts to control a chaotic world.
When she’s not making comics, she likes watching science fiction films that are too complicated to understand and then watching YouTube videos explaining them. She likes cooking, and eating what she has been cooking, and eating in general. She likes meeting dogs but not cats, cats make her nervous. Sometimes she does stand-up comedy.
Do not hesitate to contact if you have any projects you wish to discuss.
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